We started Robin primarily to create a better experience for customers. However, we quickly realized we could also help small business owners change their lives.

There are over 950,000 people working as landscapers and over 450,000 lawn care businesses in the U.S. These are nearly all small, owner-operator companies…and they go out of business with a frightening level of frequency.

Lawn care is not only a physically demanding profession but also presents all the usual small-business challenges of acquiring customers, managing billings, recruiting and paying staff, scheduling, etc., and this industry adds in a few more like rain delays.

Most businesses that fail in our industry are fully capable of mowing lawns with quality. The reason they’re forced to quit is because they’re not able to earn a profit. The typical lawn care professional:

  • Struggles to acquire enough customers or create efficient routes to make their business profitable.
  • Can’t meet the communication demands of today’s consumers either due to language barriers or because they’re too busy mowing to answer phone calls, respond to emails or staff a live chat line.
  • Writes-off 7-9% of their revenue as uncollectible because customers forget to leave a check under the doormat or don’t respond to written invoices.

For operators earning just $1,000-2,000 per week before paying their crews, any lost revenue or lost customers can be the difference between being able to pay their staff or shutting down the business. It’s a tough life even before you factor in sweating in the sun all day!

At Robin, we provide our hard-working crews with recurring service customers, we handle the communications so crews can focus on mowing, and we guarantee payment for every job they work whether the customer pays or not. We also pay the crews weekly which helps them better manage their cash flow.

In return, we get to work with some of the most loyal, honorable lawn care professionals in the industry. In future posts, we’ll highlight a few of their stories, including a husband/wife team in Houston that went from part-time business to full-time lawn care company with Robin’s help, and two high-school kids that earned enough to pay for robotics classes.

We’re thankful for our tremendous crews and the hard work they do, and I’m proud of the work our team is doing to help the small business owners that partner with Robin.

If you would like to partner with Robin, please apply here.