6 Signs It’s Time for a New Lawn Service

Life is too short to sweat your lawn. In an in an era where we can reliably summon a personal chauffeur with the tap of a button, why is lawn care still such a frustrating experience? In the 21st century we should not have to make phone calls to lawn companies, schedule in-person meetings, write checks, or wonder when our service is actually going to take place. The world has evolved and lawn care has evolved with it. If you still feel stuck in the 80’s and any of the below sound familiar, it’s time for a new lawn crew.

  1. You wonder if your lawn guy died or if he is just a few days late.


Reliability is everything! It’s a hassle to find a lawn care provider, and most want a contract or 4 service minimum. You bite the bullet and agree…and then they don’t show up! Plus, the quality is a gamble because they know you’re locked in for 4+ services. Search for a lawn care company that offers a guaranteed day of service and a satisfaction guarantee, without requiring you to sign a contract.

  1. You’re still paying him with cash or checks left under doormats.


Checkbooks belong with corded phones at this point, so why are you still writing checks to your lawn guy? Or worse, running to an ATM and spending your day waiting to pay the lawn crew? Find a mowing crew that allows you to pay securely online with a debit or credit card. 

(P.S. Did you know when you give someone a check, you’re handing them all of your bank account details in those little numbers at the bottom? Plus, they have your contact info from the top of the check. Identity thieves LOVE checks!)

  1. He knows your “angry face”. How does someone break 4 sprinklers and run over a stuffed animal anyway?!


If there are items in the grass, a responsible crew will either remove it or take care to mow around it to avoid damaging your property. Accidents can and do happen sometimes, though, so it’s important that your crew carries insurance and takes responsibility to resolve any issues that arise.

4. You wonder if you’re over-charged.


Ever received an invoice from a lawn service and try to remember whether they actually came on all those dates? Mowers know it’s hard for you to keep track of how often your lawn was mowed, which is one reason they collect only every 4-6 weeks. The alternative, though, is paying them at each service, which is a hassle. Find a provider that will email you after each service and offers an online account where you can always see your completed services and upcoming service schedule.

5.You double, no, triple check that your doors are locked.


It’s hard to tell if you can trust a stranger coming to your house, especially if you don’t know what other people’s experiences have been with them. Make sure you read the customer reviews before selecting a lawn care service. No lawn care service is perfect, but their average rating should be high and the owner should be very responsive to customer concerns. (TIP: the best, most accurate review platforms are ones that require customers to use their real names like Facebook and Google.)

6. He doesn’t keep you in the loop.


Leave the communication issues to your relationship. Delays happen due to weather, equipment, or crew member issues so no company can deliver 100% reliability, but that’s no reason to leave you in the dark. Find a lawn crew that proactively communicates any delays, and one that responds promptly to your questions.

It’s the 21st century and you deserve a modern lawn service experience!

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