The Hatching of a Lawn Care Revolution

Robin Eggs

Like many ideas, Robin began from a place of great frustration. My co-founder, Bart Lomont, and I are both fathers of young children, and like many people, we don’t see enough of our family during the busy work week. With limited time on the weekend, spending hours mowing the lawn and working in the yard didn’t seem like the best use of those precious hours to us (or especially to our wives who needed the occasional break from kids!) I decided it was time to take back my weekends.

I set out to find a lawn care company and was shocked at how difficult it was to find, schedule and pay for reliable lawn care. In an era where I can reliably summon a personal chauffeur with the tap of a button, it amazed me that I had to make 5 phone calls just to get 1-2 of crews to even call me back. I quickly realized that was only the first burr in the saddle:

  • Companies wouldn’t quote me a price until they saw my yard in person, which delayed quotes and made comparing mowing prices a big time investment.
  • One crew I tried wouldn’t commit to a day of service, and another crew that did wouldn’t consistently show up on the right day.
  • My wife had to be home to pay the crew in cash or I had to remember to leave a check under the doormat. (At the time I wasn’t even sure we still had a checkbook.)
  • When I called with feedback or requests, I would get a call back less than 30% of the time.
  • Finally fed up, I called to cancel my service but the crew kept showing up…and then tried to bill me!

In talking with Bart and our mutual friends at Dialexa, we felt like there had to be a more modern, more customer-friendly approach to lawn service. One that provides customers with instant online quotes based on their property data. A model with convenience built in that lets customers choose their day of service and know the crew will reliably show up on that day. A service that lets customers communicate by email, phone, live chat or whatever medium fits best in their busy lives. And the modern convenience of automated billing of credit/debit cards so you no longer have to run to the ATM or write out checks. In short, we wanted to build a service to Put Your Lawn on Autopilot.

Robin is the service we created for ourselves, our wives and other people like us. We’re bringing modern convenience to yard care and delivering reliable, high-quality, reasonably-priced lawn care for families and other busy people. We back it up with the industry’s only 100% Neat Lawn Guarantee.

Lawn care, Welcome to the 21st century!

– Justin Crandall, CEO and co-Founder of Robin Lawn Care

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